Patients Receive 83 Minutes More of Rest and Sleep with Home Care than at a Hospital

It is a universal truth that sleep is essential. There are countless benefits to sleep. What I discovered recently is that patients receive on average 83 minutes more of rest at home than at a hospital.

Before I tell you why patients receive more sleep at home than at a hospital, here are the main benefits of sleep.

The health benefits of sleep:

  1. Get sick less often
  2. Stay at a healthy weight
  3. Reduce stress and improve your mood
  4. Think clearly and do better in school
  5. Get along better with people
  6. Healthier Heart

For seniors and those recovering from an illness, sleep/rest are the main ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. There is no medication on this planet that is better than sleep. However, there are reasons why patients sleep better at home.

These studies indicated that people sleep better at home and especially with a home health aide present. The concept is “safety.” People feel safe knowing that there is someone watching over them.

It’s hard for many people to sleep away from home because it can be frightening. At a hospital, patients tend to feel lonelier. With that being said, here are reasons why patients sleep better at home.

Reasons Why Patients Sleep Better at Home:

  1. Familiarity
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety
  4. Warmth and Love
  5. A Peace of Mind
  6. Stability

Before considering care at home, understand the reasons why its beneficial to your loved ones. I see sleep being a big deal. If you want the ones you care for to be comfortable and at ease, this a way to go.

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