10,000 People Need Care Everyday

I learned a new statistic last week. In the United States alone, more than 10,000 people turn 65 everyday. This number does not take into consideration the number of people who turn older than that. After hearing the number, my jaw dropped. It dropped because I work in the home care industry. I see families everyday struggling to find the right care for their loved one.

There is a crisis in America and this crisis goes beyond what you hear on the news. With thousands of people getting older every day, there is a demand for home care services like never before. The reality is that families, especially after the pandemic, want to see that their loved ones receives the best care.

Home Care Proved Its Reliability

Home care proved its reliability in times of most need. While nursing homes and rehabilitation centers did their best to keep their locations safe, home care came in handy during times of crisis. The one on one care limited COVID-19’s ability to spread quickly. For seniors who were alone or needed aide, home health aides came to the rescue. They acted as a support systems to hospitals there were overrun and unable to keep up with the demand. In turn, home care agencies stepped up in ensuring that families were not without care especially those who did not have access to technology or simple means of communication.

Home Care Follows Strict Protocols

The home care agency industry is tough. It is tough because of the number of inspections that a home care agency goes through yearly. This is why they are considered safe and reliable. The flip side to the toughness of the inspections is that home care agencies have a benchmark to achieve. The home care agencies that don’t reach a benchmark are quickly closed. For those that do, they have an excellence to maintain. It is not a simple process, yet that is why families can expect the best type of care when contracting a home care agency.

Home Health Aides are Something Special

We hear about health care professionals are heroes. I am here to tell you that they are. Home health aides are something special. They really are. I don’t think they get the amount of praise they deserve. Yearly, they undergo in-services and knowledge checks. The commitment and compassion they show the loved ones the care for is worth more than money. As hard as it is to find the right care for your loved one, it’s harder to find enough home health aides for the 10,000 individuals who need it daily.

If you can find the right home health aide for your loved one, they are nothing like you’ve seen before. They are kind, considerate, and go out of their way to help those in need.

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