Happy Hospitality Workers in HealthCare

For decades hospitality workers have been working in the healthcare sector. These employees are dedicated and put in hard work and effort to make sure medical facilities are well kept and running smoothly. Often, we overlook these valuable employees. However, this a day dedicated to giving them the recognition they deserve.

What is Hospitality Workers in Healthcare Day?

Hospitality Workers in HealthCare Day is a day created to celebrate the hard work of the customer support staff, food services staff, and other support staff in the healthcare industry. On an everyday basis we recognize the great work that is carried out by doctors and nurse, and rightfully so. However, we must not overlook the many other staff that work in hospitals and medical facilities.

Hotel worker preparing bed for guests

Furthermore, the reason we observe this day is to give thanks to those who are working behind the scenes in healthcare. The roles of these employees are very important. Some of these roles include food services, laundry services, cleaning, and hygiene services, just to name a few.

History of Hospitality Workers in HealthCare Day

Since 2019, March 6, has been a day to recognize the hard work of hospitality workers in healthcare. This day was introduced by the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare. As a result, the last 2 years Hospitality Workers in Healthcare day has been a nationally recognized day.

How to observe Hospitality Workers in HealthCare Day

There are many ways you can observe this day. If you work in healthcare or run a healthcare facility a great way to observe this day is to show your employee or coworkers that you appreciate them. This can be with something as large as a company lunch or something as simple as a thank you card. Another great thing to do is to give out certificates of appreciation to show your employees how much of a difference they make in your organization.

If you do not work in the healthcare sector you can still observe this day. Maybe, you have a family member or friend who works in the field, you can show appreciation to them. Simply sending them a text message goes a long way. Perhaps you want to stop by your local healthcare facility or hospital and deliver balloons or food to the employees in observation of their hard work. You can even make a social media post to show appreciation, no gesture is too big or too small.

At E&S Home Care Solutions we greatly appreciate our home health aides. Our home health aides work hard every day to provide the best care to each one of their patients. Happy Hospitality Workers in Healthcare Day to all our home health aides, we hope you know how appreciated you are.