What Options Do You Have with In-Home Care Services?

We have families who contact us and are thinking about home care for their loved ones. The first time families mention how they need help, but they are unsure where to begin. This is a common scenario. As more families realize that their loved ones many need additional help at home, they begin to shop around the internet which can be both a powerful and confusing tool. It can be confusing due to the enormous amounts of information that is available online for caregiver. A single search can lead to millions of articles pertaining to how home care works. The best option for new time caregiver seekers is knowing what options you have available and filtering out the non-essentials.

Home Care Agencies are a Help

These are important details to consider when shopping around for the right home health aide. For once, hiring through an agency has many advantages. For instance, they will do all the background interviewing to hire a candidate that is right for your family. They will ensure that the family is licensed and train. Furthermore, they will handle the tax filing and other paperwork. While hiring a home health aide directly may seem a good option, it can cause more stress than good. My first recommendation is to go through a home care agency.

There are three main types of care to understand and learn about.

Companion Care

In certain states, home health aides are similar to companion care attendants. They may be the same. However, the main difference is that companion care provide loved ones with friendship, conversation, and mental stimulation. Loneliness is one of the most deadly of emotional states. Loneliness contributes to poor health and even death. It may not seem necessary, but humans are social creatures. Human interaction is incredibly important especially if families don’t live nearby. A companion may also help with shopping, driving, light house work, and cooking.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide is a more specialized caregiver. They may offer companion care. However, they focus on assisting loved ones with activities of daily living while following a plan of care. Their tasks may include dressing, bathing, feeding, and helping with going to the bathroom. A home health aide may assist patients with medication reminders. Furthermore, home health aides may work part-time, full-time, or can live with a patient who requires around the clock care. In most states, they require training and courses to become certified in their specialty.

Hospice Care

This is end of life care. Hospice care can be provided by some home care agencies and facilities. The staff that oversees hospice care are usually certified and have received advanced training in palliative care. Hospice care is geared towards patients who are terminally ill. Hospice aides and nurses come in a few hours a week to monitor vital signs and oversee pain medications.

The amount of data that can be found on the internet is overwhelming. This simplified article is aimed at giving you a head start on how to approach your current situation and get started in finding the right quality care for the ones you love. It should not be a hassle. What is important is that the proper care and attention is provided. For more information, email us today at info@eshcs.com.

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