How a Home Health Aide Transformed My Grandmothers Life

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) has become the fastest growing career in the healthcare field. The education requirements are low, so it is easy to qualify for this position. We all know sometimes life gets a hold on us, and some do not get the chance to finish school. Luckily to become a CHHA no high school diploma is required, but it is very useful. Now you maybe asking yourself what is a home health aide? A Certified Home Health Aide is a professional caregiver who provides effective care for patients in their own homes, patients who can not perform daily tasks on their own
My lovely grandmother is 77 years old and is currently suffering from Moderate Alzheimer’s. For those who don’t know what Alzheimer’s is, it is “progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age”. She is at the stage of her Alzheimer’s where she doesn’t know the name of any of her 10 children. She does have her good days where she knows who is who, but for the most part she draws a blank. Because of her diagnosis it is required that she has a Home Health aide with her at all times. My family has heard many stories, of elderly people being mistreated at Homes, so there was no way we will ever put her in a home. With every day that passes my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s progresses and it is not easy to take care of a person who has this condition. There are different cases of Alzheimer’s and it does progress over time. People with moderate Alzheimer’s suffer from forgetfulness of events or about one’s own personal history, feel moody or withdrawn, especially in socially or mentally challenging situations, unable to recall their own address or telephone number or the high school or college from which they graduated, the need for help choosing proper clothing for the season or the occasion, and many more. With that being said we needed someone to attend to my grandmother’s needs as soon as possible. So my wonderful aunt, quit her job took the training needed to become a CHHA so she can take care of my grandmother, her mother.
To become a CHHA, the course takes 3-Weeks to become certified. In these courses, students receive hands-on training, and gain the knowledge and experience on how to deal with patients no matter what condition they are in. E & S Academy is a health care academy dedicated to the education and the success of their students. At E & S Academy, we dedicate ourselves in providing the best for our students, with flexible classes, affordable payment plans, and low cost tuition we make it relatively easy for people to come back to school and make a difference in the life of a person in need, just like my grandmother. Join e & S Academy today and start the journey of a CHHA.

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