Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)

Start Date



Full Time


New Jersey


Clinical Care Services


Nursing Supervisor


Current CHHA Certification

Work Experience

If trained by E&S Home Care Solutions none is needed; if graduated from another school six months or more experience is required.


The primary purpose of this job position is to provide routine care in accordance with given care plan, our policies and procedures, and as may be directed by the RN Supervisor or Administration, to assure that highest degree of quality patient care provided at all times.

  • Report on and off duty.
  • Perform all assigned duties in accordance with our established policies and procedures, nursing care procedures, and our safety rules and regulations.
  • Perform all duties assigned.
  • Assist client with meals, including feeding, cooking and serving food as needed.
  • Assist client with dental and mouth care.
  • Assist client with hair grooming, shampoo, shaving, clipping and trimming finger nails.
  • Assist client with elimination needs (on and off bedpan, commode, and toilet, diaper change if patient is incontinent).
  • Check and report bowel movements and voiding, character of stool and urine as directed.
  • Assist client with baths (in bed, tub, or shower).
  • Assist client with transfers (move from and to chair, wheelchair) and with ambulating.
  • Take and record client’s temperature, pulse, and respiration’s rate when needed or advised.
  • Assist client with dressing.
  • Observe and report the presence of pressure areas to prevent decubitus.
  • Provide light housekeeping duties assigned in the care plan.
  • Shopping for client if necessary.
  • Making and changing client’s bed.
  • Washing client’s personal cloths and linen if necessary.
  • Follow the schedule set by supervisor and in accordance with clients needs.
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest & positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment while on duty.
  • Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY of all pertinent clients’ care information to assure resident’s rights are protected.
  • Listing supplies needed to perform care.
  • Report all complains to RN Supervisor.
  • Maintain proper documentation and records of care given.
  • Report all accidents/incidents, regardless of how minor, to RN Supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Report all hazardous conditions and equipment to the RN Supervisor immediately.
  • Follow an infection control procedure as established by this agency.
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