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Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Course

The State of New Jersey established this professional program to provide students with the necessary philosophy and care skills to earn certification as a nursing assistant. The curriculum comprises classroom instruction and a practicum. Topics in psychosocial care, data collection, vital signs, disease processes, therapeutic procedures and infection control are covered. Ethics, hygiene and nutrition are also discussed. A final examination is given to those who qualify for graduation.

Called a Certified Nurse Aide in New Jersey, and Certified Nursing Assistant in other jurisdictions, this profession is often the best way to find out if the field of nursing is for you. A CNA's job can be the very rewarding, as it provides the most patient contact of any medical staff person. In New Jersey, CNAs can make up to $36,000 annually, an increase of $8000 over what CNAs across the country average in a year.

CNA training in New Jersey is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS). The training course consist of a minimum of 90 hours of training, with 50 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical experience in a New Jersey licensed long term care facility.

CNAs handle daily care of patients in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and long-term care facilities. They support a patient's physical and emotional needs, and work under the supervision of nurses and other medical staff.

CNA Courses in New Jersey

E&S Home Care Solutions soon will be offering the Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide training in New Jersey. Also, E&S soon will be announcing the launch of the new program to teach Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) courses at no cost aimed at the unemployed population, concentrating in minorities' women and adults to start new careers in the health field. The comprehensive training is part of the $4 billion assigned to Job Training and Employment Services from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This Act is to help workers hurt by the economy.

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